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Frustrated with the lack of comprehensive, professional level Aromatherapy courses?

Confused by conflicting opinions about Aromatherapy techniques, unreliable essential oil quality, and overly-cautious, scary warnings about essential oil application?

Here’s your chance to sound-off about what you’d like to learn about essential oils and Aromatherapy!

At Scentsational Seminars, we have developed a core curriculum that includes principles and techniques from all philosophies of essential oil theory and practice. Within this basic framework, there’s plenty of room to include subjects and approaches that you want to focus on.
Together, we will also develop special modules that concentrate on branches of Aromatherapy study, such as Animal Aromatherapy, Aromatology/Aromatherapy for Health professionals, Essential Oil Cosmetology etc. These special modules will be co-created by you and me, with input from experts in each area of study.

When you become a founding member of the Scentsational Seminars family, you will get in on the ground floor of an exciting opportunity that includes the ability to decide a large chunk of the materials we’ll study, free and discounted products FOR LIFE, exclusive products only available to founding members, and more!


The core curriculum of this Aromatherapy course comes from three areas:

  • My ten years of clinical use of essential oils in my office, extensive study, and research
  • A year-long, online certification course I took from an established, NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy) approved healing arts school in Portland, Oregon
  • Multiple seminars from a variety of sources including Young Living, Dr. David Stewart, and Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt (Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy), and my travels to countries where essential oils are grown and distilled

This course is the most comprehensive, inclusive Aromatherapy training in the world! We cover principles of all three schools of thought in current Aromatherapy education: British, German, and French. It is my hope that out of this exploration, a new, common sense, American philosophy will develop and take hold.
Isn’t that what we do in this country? We take ideas from around the globe, distill them into the most practical, most efficient, most life-changing products and then we re-present them to the people of the world!

What’s Included So Far?

In order to offer you the basic educational concepts required to take and pass the registration examination offered by The Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC), this course contains all the educational material and principles that arise from the British philosophy of Aromatherapy.
It also includes a generous sprinkling of Dr. Schnaubelt’s work on “The Biology of Essential Oils” as well as chemistry fundamentals by Dr. David Stewart.

When we cover the clinical use of essential oils, you will be exposed to different types of bodywork, both conventional and unconventional, including massage, reflexology, Vita Flex, and Raindrop Technique. (These will be demonstrations, not comprehensive, didactic classes.) You will also hear the pros and cons of each modality so you can make up your own mind about their appropriate use.
The basic manual for this course is the newest version of “The Essential Oils Desk Reference” from Life Science Publishers.** A custom, supplementary manual will be created from student feedback depending on the particular subjects the majority of the group decides to focus on*. You will also receive a suggested reading list that includes optional as well as required reading.

Your Part in the Co-Creation Process

So far, this course consists of twelve modules of core curriculum. Some of that material is based on ARC requirements (if you want to become a Registered Aromatherapist). For a PDF copy of the ARC handbook that includes information about taking their examination and requirements for becoming an RA, please click here.
By signing up for this course NOW, you will become a lifetime, founding member of the Scentsational Seminars family. Founding members, as a group, will:

  • Be instrumental in deciding aspects of the curriculum that are ancillary to the basic material
  • Be involved in choosing and developing the extra, special subject modules (such as Animal Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy for Healthcare Practitioners, etc)
  • Help decide which single essential oils we study**
  • Receive special pricing FOR LIFE on all Scentsational Seminars products, including classes, books, CDs and DVDs, and upcoming educational Aromatherapy trips and tours
  • Have input into choosing and suggesting future products
  • Periodically receive bonus material and special offers only available to founding members
  • Receive an introductory price on the full, twelve module course and you will help decide the final price
  • Automatically receive our e-newsletter that includes notifications of special events and product launches, as well as news articles from the current Aromatherapy literature, and items of interest

Your Group Co-Creation

This is a group process. While it would be ideal to structure separate seminars for each individual participant, this process is about group co-creation. We will take every suggestion into consideration and select the most appropriate ideas in a democratic manner.

*Material Included in the Course Fee:

  • Custom, co-created, supplementary course manual
  • Free webinars/teleseminars
  • Personal coaching by Dr. Moore

**Self-Purchase Materials:

  • Essential Oils Desk Reference (available from Life Science Publishers)
  • Organoleptic testing strips (available from Abundant Health)
  • Essential Oils (available from Young Living Essential Oils, through your own Young Living account, or from Dr. Schnaubelt’s company Original Swiss Aromatics)

This is YOUR Aromatherapy school created by you, with you and for you!

Become a Scentsational Seminars founding member:

  • All the benefits above
  • Co-create and participate in the Aromatherapy seminar of your dreams
  • Get it at HALF OFF!

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